Home And Garden Decorating

Decorating is most often done upon moving into a home whether it is purchased new or already established but it can also be done whenever the mood hits or one has outgrown a particular design. When decorating or re-decorating a room, the first question that should be asked is: What is the purpose of this space?

The purpose of a space may not simply be a functional purpose, it might also be what feeling or mood the room should emit. For example, the purpose of a dining room might be to provide a place to gather and eat a meal. This is true. But, the purpose might also be to make the extended family feel welcome and inspire conversation. Or the purpose of a bedroom might be to provide a place to sleep, but it might also be to provide a peaceful sanctuary from the hassles of everyday life. The secondary purpose of a room may vary
once the purpose of the room is decided; the next step is to find the pieces of furniture and accessories that will match that purpose. However, if the piece is made of synthetic materials, has a very unorthodox shape or color and is real cheap (or worse, way over-priced), it is probably not worth the money. One or two pieces such as this may be a fun and whimsical addition to a room–they can be traded out at any time–but an entire room like this will have to be redone sooner than later. Investing in quality pieces will save time and money and offer a higher resale price when changing them out.

The garden themes can be changed seasonally and the pieces can be stored in a dry place and reused in the following cycle of the seasons. A very practical way in curbing your expense, yet offer a periodic changed look.
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